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Costa Rica PropertyMore and more foreign citizens are moving to Costa Rica for a number of reasons.  Costa Rica is a beautiful country that offers lush forests, amazing beaches, amazing wildlife and a pleasant climate. 

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In Costa Rica, you can pick the climate you'd like to have based on where you choose to live.  The lowlands are dry, the highlands are misty throughout most of the year.  The central valley's temperature is about 72 degrees on average throughout the year, with fresh coastal breezes.  Twelve hours of sunshine a day is another strong draw to the area.

Costa Rica's unhurried lifestyle is something people enjoy whether they are going to work in Costa Rica or looking for an amazing place to retire.  Costa Rica is a very peaceful country due to its political stability and lack of a standing army.  The government focuses on using the country's resources to educate its people and provide an excellent quality of life.

Without a doubt, you'll find the paradise home you've been looking for right here!