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Jonathan Sexauer was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and San Jose, Costa Rica.  He was educated in both in English and Spanish and later learned French, after moving to San Jose, Costa Rica.  He has been residing in the Tampa Bay area since 1986.  Jonathan graduated from Northeast High school in Saint Petersburg, FL and attended Saint Petersburg College and University of South Florida.  He acquired a degree in Mass Media Communication and has his professional real estate license from Bob Hogue School of Real Estate in Saint Petersburg, Fl.

Jonathan’s selling experience developed after working over 20 years in the retail sales arena.  Throughout his career, Jonathan proved himself by moving up the corporate ladder into management positions in companies such as Burdines, Blockbuster, Dillard’s, and Bebe.  He later applied his selling expertise to the cable, internet, and phone industry as a bilingual inbound sales specialist with Brighthouse Networks.  After five years of working with Brighthouse, his brother turned him on to selling real estate.  Jonathan is confident he will succeed just as much selling houses as he did in his previous professions.