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Marsh Bilby is a graduate of the University of Florida who first entered the real estate industry as a staff residential appraiser in 1991 when he began working for Gillott-Monarch Appraisal Group in Tarpon Springs, Florida. His entry into real estate coincided with the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Marsh’s experience working with the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) to unwind the last real estate bubble provided him a unique opportunity to understand the current real estate depression in context.  Similar to the current environment, valuing real estate in an uncertain market is particularly difficult but by excelling at real estate appraising during the last crisis it propelled Marsh to the top of the real estate appraiser field.

Marsh Bilby left Gillott-Monarch Appraisal Group in 1999 to found his own firm, Marsh Bilby Appraisers & Consultants, LLC.  His firm has since grown to become one of the largest and most successful real estate appraisal firms in the Tampa Bay area.  His attention to detail, that is so necessary to performing accurate real estate appraisals, has also lent itself to training and supervising six Certified Real Estate Appraisers employed by the firm.  By focusing on long term goals, the company has continued to expand even as the industry has shrunk considerably over the last few years.

Marsh Bilby personally specializes in appraising high end residential real estate and is in constant demand to appraise the most valuable real estate in the Tampa Bay area.  The knowledge and experience gathered over 20 years within the real estate industry has resulted in a demand for his services as an expert witness for both court litigation and tax appeal.

The same knowledge and experience that has permitted Marsh to excel in the appraising of real estate has also propelled him to great success in the sale of real estate.  Marsh is also a Realtor with Sexauer Real Estate International.  By bringing his skill set to sales Marsh has been able to provide his clients an unusual level of professionalism that has created great opportunities to both homeowners and investors.

In a continuing effort to leverage his knowledge, Marsh Bilby has recently begun Asset Value Investments which creates limited partnerships that invests in portfolios of income producing properties to create passive income for investors.  This development has provided the opportunity for many who up until now found if very difficult to participate in the excellent opportunity that the current real estate environment offers.

When not enjoying the rewards of helping customers attain their real estate goals, Marsh also enjoys water sports including skiing, diving and fishing. He also is a high school football coach for Canterbury School of Florida, the 2009 Sunshine State Athletic Conference Champions and was ranked 14th in the state in 2010.  In 2011, in only their second year in the District, the Crusaders won their District championship and their first ever playoff game while making it to the State Quarterfinals.