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Stop Foreclosure with a Real Estate Short Sale

It may be possible to avoid foreclosure thanks to a sales method known as a short sale. A real estate short sale is a process for selling a property short of what is owed to the lender to help avoid foreclosure. It’s a misconception that banks want to take your home. In most cases, home acquisition hurts them too because every unsold home is costing them time and significant amounts of money to upkeep. So sometimes the best solution for stopping foreclosure might be a short sale.

Short Sale Tips

Short sale tips vary depending on if you’re a buyer or a seller. Sellers, obviously, are often trying to avoid foreclosures by doing a real estate short sale. The problem is they usually don’t know the steps or understand the process. As for buyers, they might wonder if there are any special requirements they need to adhere to when purchasing a real estate short sale. Either way, you can learn more about the process by visiting the pages below…

In the end, whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’ll need the help of a competent and experienced REALTOR® who understands the current market, but who also has an in-depth understanding of a real estate short sale process. Contact me for a FREE consultation to further discuss stopping foreclosure and the short sale processes or to find out more about the short sale listings we have available for purchase.